A Path Towards Hope, Healing, and Restoration.

The Prism Way

Working to lift & empower those who need it most.​

The Prism Way is dedicated to fostering compassionate support for all those who have been impacted by the justice system.

Our core purpose is to provide a holistic set of resources that engage the participation of families and communities to help heal, rehabilitate, and re-integrate justice-impacted individuals into society.


Combined years of lived experience by team members of The Prism Way.


Recidivism rate among members of The Prism Way team.


The Prism Way team members whose sentences were commuted by California Governors Brown and Newsom.

A house of healing

To inform and influence, educate and inspire, connect and heal.

We established The Prism Way to assist in the restoration of full civil and human rights for justice-impacted individuals, which arises from a profound belief in the fundamental worth of each human being— and the potential of each to lead a meaningful life aligned with social, emotional, and spiritual values when provided with the resources needed.

a commitment to rehabilitation

What we offer to the community.

Serving Southern California, our organization is committed to providing comprehensive support to individuals across various stages of their journey, both within correctional facilities and in the community.

Furthermore, our commitment to rehabilitation extends to in-custody mentorship programs for both youth and adults, recognizing the importance of personalized guidance and support in fostering meaningful transformation.

Create the possibility for change

All contributions matter.

Every contribution, however big or small, empowers our work and helps to advance the promise of restorative justice.