Programs & Services

At The Prism Way, we strive to foster positive change and empowerment through a range of initiatives. Among our key offerings are:

Youth CGA

Tailored specifically for young individuals, our Youth CGA program aims to address the unique needs and circumstances of juveniles involved in or at risk of involvement with gangs.

Youth Mentorship

We believe in the transformative power of mentorship, offering guidance and support to young individuals to help them realize their full potential and steer clear of harmful influences.

Youth In-Custody Mentorship Rehabilitation

Within correctional facilities, we provide structured mentorship programs to facilitate rehabilitation and foster positive growth among incarcerated individuals, regardless of age.

CGA (Criminal Gang Member Anonymous)

Designed for both incarcerated individuals and those transitioning back into the community, this program provides crucial support and guidance in navigating the challenges associated with gang affiliation.

Post-Incarceration Challenges Support Groups

Transitioning back into society after incarceration can be daunting. Our support groups offer practical assistance and emotional support to individuals navigating this critical phase.

W.I.S.E Curriculum (Whole Integration of Self Education)

Our holistic educational approach empowers individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential for positive change.

Sisterhood Circles

Providing a safe and supportive space for women, our Sisterhood Circles promote solidarity, healing, and personal growth.

Harm Reduction Initiatives

Understanding the complexities of substance use and addiction, we implement harm reduction strategies aimed at minimizing the negative consequences associated with drug use while promoting individual and community well-being. (Coming Soon)

Trauma-Informed Training

Recognizing the profound impact of trauma, we offer specialized training aimed at equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide sensitive and effective support to those affected by trauma.

In-Custody/Community Cal-MHSA Peer Support Specialist Training

As part of our commitment to mental health and wellness, we empower individuals to become peer support specialists, promoting recovery and resilience within their communities.